West Country Storytelling Festival
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The Feast

An exploration of the politics, possibilities and poetics of food

£200 (some concessions available)
Oct 29-31
Friday 6pm - Sunday 4pm
Facilitators Toni Spencer and Tina Sharman

Eat drink and be merry!
We invite you to a sensual, playful and provocative weekend involving the co-creation of a feast.
At Embercombe, the land, the kitchen and the larder are our laboratory and playground where we will forage, experiment and reflect.

You will learn practical skills including: wild food identification; new recipes and processes; and some craft based activities.

We will engage with fresh approaches and challenging questions around food culture, waste, scarcity and abundance.

The Context
Our current consumption habits and global food systems are not working. As a response, this weekend is an enquiry into the wild, the unfamiliar and the undervalued.

• How can we find creative responses to the complexity and urgency of our times?
• Where do our eating habits contradict our personal values?
• How much food do we really need?
• How much do we waste?
• How does our disconnection from the natural world influence the choices we make?
• Have you ever eaten acorns, nettles or squirrels?
• How much pleasure do you get from your food?

The Food
We are passionate about food as eaters, cooks, growers and foragers. We are engaged in an ongoing enquiry that involves a dance between ideals and compromise that we are excited about sharing with you.
We are interested in using foods that are not valued, seen as weeds or waste.
We are curious about whether less is more.

Ingredients will include wild, cultivated, feral, tame and glut foods*. Any meat will be wild and there will be minimal organic dairy products. This will be supplemented with some organic and Fairtrade produce from the Embercombe larder. Please let us know any essential dietary needs.

The Process
Alongside the practical journey, we will engage in deep conversation and a creative process. Drawing on Deep Ecology and embodiment practices, we’ll delve into what it feels like to meet ourselves and our food as part of an inderdependant living system.

By being at Embercombe we’ll touch on what it is to live communally, to compromise, to co-operate, and to find a sense of home with others.

Some shorter sessions will be held throughout the year preparing for this course, engaging with the seasons and particular skills. Info will be sent out nearer time. Do keep in touch with the website…

The Celebration
We will create a glorious banqueting space together. We will dress up (bring your glad rags), give thanks and indulge in the fruits of all our labours. Let’s toast the worms, the bees and the many who enable us to thrive!

The Facilitators
Toni and Tina have many years of experience trying, testing and delighting in wild and seasonal foods.

Tina is the Catering manager at Embercombe and plays an active role in the garden. She is an intuitive and inventive maker using natural or waste materials.

Toni is a facilitator, forager and artist. She’s on the faculty at Schumacher College, involved in Transition Town Totnes and has been working with wild food for over 10 years. She is currently immersed in an exploration of the wild and the mundane.

The Practicals

Cost includes facilitation, accommodation and all meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime.

Accommodation in shared yurts, each with wood burning stoves (bring your own bedding).

We serve organic, home-cooked vegetarian meals cooked with produce from our garden and other organic ingredients.

A collection to & from Exeter St Davids is possible.

To register or for more information contact or 01647 252 983

Click here for the poster/flyer.

Ingredients will include wild, cultivated (from the garden), feral (self-seeded beyond the ‘garden’), tame (wild foods brought into the garden) and glut (grew too many!) foods.