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Sustainable Parenting Weekend

We focus on supporting the parents, whilst providing a beautiful and fun
experience living as a family. Accompanied by the warmth and insight of an
experienced family facilitator, take time out to reflect on your parenting
and receive support in areas important to you.

£153 adult £47 child
22nd - 27th October

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As a parent, you are invited to take time out, individually, to reflect on your parenting and receive support in areas that you identify as important.  It offers parents the opportunity to talk with other parents in a structured and focused way, guided with the warmth and insight of an experienced family facilitator, Joanna Watters.

This is a time to join other families in the experience of staying at Embercombe, spending nights in your own yurt, each with a woodburning stove and handmade oak beds, to share the daily task of cooking good family meals, and to join in seasonal activities such as gardening, or work in the woods, or tending the land.

An important element is the opportunity for you to take special time with each of your children.

This isn’t family therapy, or crisis management. It’s about enabling ordinary families to take a proactive approach to parenting. Our goal is to enable you to focus on your approach to being a parent and leave with new insights and renewed enthusiasm for this most demanding and rewarding of tasks.

Feedback from previous participants:

you provide a space to be calm, aware, present to notice my experience of parenting.. to see what is motivating me to parent in the ways I see what I am doing at a deep enough level for change to unfold, to grow…”

“connecting to the source that supports us all as humans so much: the earth, the trees, fires, open skies, safety. ”

“It seems vital to me for families and parents and children to have a space where they can come for renewal – particularly parents who are choosing to find new ways to raise our children, who are the future for our world.  We need time to slow down sometimes and support to find what these new ways are.”

“Helped me bring my mind to focus wholly on parenting.. without interruptions from the outside, like phone calls, visitors, the on-going work commitments that usually surround me.”

“the space outside helped me find the space inside”

“Makes me more aware that I am doing it [parenting] rather than it’s something that happens around everything else I’m trying to fit in.”

Joanna Watters

Joanna is a mother of 2 teenage sons, whom she has raised in a split family.

She is a trained Primary School teacher, Counsellor and Parenting Facilitator (“Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities”) and works for a local charity Family Education Development Trust with different family groups.  She runs her own parenting workshops in Devon (Presence in Parenting) and gives individual sessions on any aspect of parenting.

Joanna also works as a facilitator on Eye Shine workshops, promoting creative play in Nature for families, “This Beautiful Work” workshops for adults, which bring together many approaches to encourage acceptance and enjoyment of the reality of each moment and she is a graduate of the Landmark Forum.

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