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"Mentoring is a journey of accompaniment; whether to resolve difficulty or develop competences. We travel together, through the contradictions of challenge and insight, confusion and understanding, toward the joys that inform your life and experience. Our time together brings opportunity for connection and integration at your growing edge. Using your innate capacity to change beliefs and behaviour, we find our way through the maze of assumptions and misunderstandings, habits and compulsions that cloud personal authority and obscure happiness." Jonathan Snell

Jonathan combines highly developed perceptive skills with a profound understanding of human development, and the adventurous spirit of the artist journeyman. His work concerns the accompaniment of people who seek to resolve difficulty or deepen understanding, towards realising the capacity to live a powerful and joyful life.

Jonathan works with a span of people unusual for most in his profession – top industry executives, business entrepreneurs, teenagers, artists, single parents, and many others less easily defined. He coaches and mentors the members of Embercombe’s core team enabling them to resolve, integrate, and heal areas of their lives that inhibit full expression of creative potential. Jonathan also travels to Poland regularly to support Pathways Poland, an affliated Polish organisation.

Jonathan is available for regular one-to-one sessions at Embercombe in a beautiful lakeside location.


"We work toward the redefinition of the path you have come to tread, personally and professionally, weaving our way towards your greater purpose, understanding and personal fulfilment. To do this we use the stories of your life, the metaphor of surroundings, the humour and poetry that abounds in everything and the shadows and pain that infuse human existence."