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A 4-day programme offering a creative and experiential blend of theory, action, nature, powerful facilitation, 1:1 sessions and individual reflection.

Values, Vision and The Heart of Leadership

If our vision is a world in which business cares for people and planet, alongside making profit, then the question is how do we get there?

What is needed from leaders to facilitate the transition?

The Heart of Leadership programme is about digging deeply into your true potential and discovering how to move from being a good leader to an inspiring leader.

Heart-led leadership, when combined with strong thinking and emotional intelligence, enables, empowers, and delivers.

It takes real leadership to transform a business in such volatile times.

The Twin Trail of leadership

The Heart of Leadership programme invites you on a journey. This journey is built upon the premise that inspired leadership becomes possible when we align our actions with our values.

The Heart of Leadership embraces profound insights into leadership derived from indigenous wisdom traditions, together with the combined expertise and professional experience of Embercombe's Heart of Leadership faculty team.

You will learn to walk the Twin Trail of inner and outer development.

Heart-led Leadership

Leadership is a choice, a brave and committed choice that will no doubt take you to the edge of many cliffs and bring you into uneasy relationships with the status quo.

This is the territory of leaders. It is easy to be a good leader in easy times, it is much harder to lead when the wind blows. That is when the keel of your ship makes all the difference. The keel of the ship represents your values.

Actions that are in alignment with our values give us the capacity to sail into storms, survive, and prosper.

Everything begins and emerges from our values. This is true whether we are conscious of those values or not. The inner state is reflected outwards in behaviour, attitudes and mind-set. It is only when you align the inner with the outer that you can wholeheartedly bring your gifts forward and have real effect in the world.

Programme Objectives:

  • To explore and enquire into the real heart of values-led leadership
  • To forge, align and integrate honed values, tested beliefs and deep integrity, and then embody this in action
  • To build resilience and further develop the capacity to meet the challenge of volatile times

Programme Outcomes:

  • Commitment to deeper values expressed in behaviour
  • Commitment to yourself as a leader walking the Twin Trail
  • An enduring appreciation of your real capacity to make a difference
  • An enduring determination to stand again every time you fall
  • A light heart, an engaging smile, an easy conscience, a warrior's steel


Module dates:9th - 13th June 2014

Pre- & post Module support: May-September

Venue: Embercombe, Higher Ashton Exeter, EX7 7QT, UK

Price: £2,950 + vat

Early Bird 10% reduction for bookings made by 13/4

Course fee includes tuition, course material, full board and accommodation in yurts equipped with wood stoves.

Applied learning follow-up is part of the package and will be discussed on programme.


Course Faculty:

Tim 'Mac' Macartney

MacFounder of Embercombe. Experienced management consultant, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker who trained for 20 years with native Americans 'Metis' people. More


Carolina Moeller

CarolinaMoellerHead of Business education and the One Planet Leaders programme offered by WWF International and IMD business school. Carolina offers a wealth of experience in leadership development, business strategy and coaching. More


Mark Thompson

MarkThompsonMark is a people transformation change agent, dedicated to the release of individual potential and servant leadership. He has 10 years of success in matching solutions to need and delivering high impact leadership development, authentic personal growth, and building high performing senior teams to dramatically redefine and achieve new kinds of organisational success. He is an experienced and authentic coach. More

Sabina Rademacher

SabinaSabina's career as an International Business Developer and International Business Consultant has led her to work all over the world. Born in Germany, she has lived in the States, Latin America and for 17 years in Barcelona, Spain, heading the International Relations of a major business school. Sabina has extensive experience in teaching and coaching within different organizations. More

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla

KanadaWith 12 years experience directing opera and a background in the visual arts and philosophy, Kanada brings a rare combination of gifts and skills. Kanada has been working as a consultant, facilitator and executive coach since 1995, developing teams and individuals across many sectors, cultures and countries. Her areas of expertise are authentic leadership, presence, personal impact, emotional literacy and transformational change. More


Our Mission:
to help create truly ethical organisations which are also outstandingly successful, and secure a safe and prosperous future for all society.

About the venue:

The beautiful wooded valley of Embercombe is located on the edge of Dartmoor, 7 miles from Exeter, which is just 2 and a half hours by train from London.

Embercombe's kitchen is known for its delicious food. Meals are all homecooked and prepared using our own produce wherever possible. Tea and coffee and snacks are available throughout the day. We can cater for specific diets.

Accommodation is provided in our yurt villages, each with 7 yurts. These unusual circular dwellings provide an experience that maintains closeness to nature whilst providing comfort. Each has wooden beds with comfortable mattresses, a wooden floor with sheepskin rugs and a wood burning stove.

To book your place: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
02074 584 540

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"…I have sharpened my steel to be able to more forcefully drive the change I have been called to lead in my Company."

virginie helias
Virginie Helias
Global Sustainability Director P&G participant in Embercombe Journey programme.

"The best leadership development course I have been on"
steve onyett
Professor Steve Onyett
Clinical Psychologist, Onyett Entero participant in Embercombe Journey programme.

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