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Volunteering Opportunities

Almost everything you see at Embercombe and hear about this place has involved a contribution of volunteers – people of all ages and backgrounds. Some have stayed for seven years, others came for a couple of weeks or just a day. Some have helped with the development of the garden, forest or site, others have assisted on courses, events or administration.

All contributions are essential for Embercombe to fulfil its mission. At the same time, these volunteering opportunities have provided people with the opportunity to learn skills, be part of a growing charity and social enterprise, gain experience, make a meaningful contribution, and grow personally.

“I was visiting Embercombe as a volunteer for 2 weeks last summer and ended up staying for 2 months. I couldn't leave! The land and people became a part of me. I have never felt so welcomed and so useful.” Melanie Watson

For volunteering opportunities have a look at the list below:

  1. Residential Volunteering Opportunities
  2. Volunteering on specific programmes and projects
  3. Day volunteers