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The Exchange

Everything we do, whether with children, youth, families, the elderly, or organisations relates to our mission. We know why we work with organisations. There are two main reasons:

  • We want to contribute towards the emergence of organisations that are ethical, just, humane and healthy because we recognise their power to implement and influence change on a massive scale

  • We want to earn profit so that we can use it to further the work of our mission with other less privileged individuals and groups

That’s the exchange
. We are uniquely placed to offer you a service that is professionally exceptional, results orientated and immensely creative. We know who you are because we served our time as a commercial company before metamorphosing into Embercombe. In fact it was our success in building high performance cultures that led to the gift that enabled the purchase of Embercombe.

If you respect our values and we see that you are navigating on a similar compass bearing, we will offer you more than you could possibly pay for.

We’ll lend you our heads, our hearts, our passion and our absolute conviction that both of us can have cake, eat it,- and ask for more.