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Tim 'Mac' MacartneyTim 'Mac' Macartney

Mac has been working as a people and organisation development professional since 1984 before which he enjoyed an eclectic and spontaneous career path that included drama and theatre skills, restaurants, mine rescue, horticulture, and various social enterprises. He is the founder and CEO of Embercombe, a newly published author, a trustee with two other charities, and an associate with Leaders’ Quest

Alongside his own UK company, Mac also co-founded a leadership development consultancy in Poland This dynamic, entrepreneurial company develops the leaders of many large corporations such as BP, Whirlpool, Unilever, PWC, and PKN Orlen, while also engaging them with some of Poland’s most vulnerable communities and winning their support.

Mac’s work with organisation leaders is motivated by his belief that:

  • this is one of the arenas in which we most need to see radical and transformative change.
  • we need to move towards a future in which all commercial organisations consider their primary purpose to be focused towards the creation of a just and truly sustainable world
  • all trade will eventually become ‘fair trade’
  • corporate social responsibility will become integrated and inseparable from the business mission of every commercial entity, and
  • we will reverse the long-standing tradition of rewarding performance even when this same performance has hurt and weakened the individual, others, or the health and well-being of our natural environment.

Over a period of twenty years Mac has been mentored and coached by Native American metis ‘Medicine’ people to learn the cultural and spiritual teachings that once informed the practice of his own British indigenous culture. The values, principles, and wisdom of this tradition inform and guide all aspects of his work.

Mac’s recent book ‘Finding Earth, Finding Soul – the invisible path to authentic leadership’ speaks to the necessity for each of us to gather our courage and step out of the shadows and become ‘the leaders we have been waiting for’.