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Suzy Edwards Suzy Edwards

Reading about the destruction of the Amazon as a 15year old propelled Suzy into a career as an environmental professional .

She spent 9 years with the Building Research Establishment, the UK's foremost organisation for construction related research and consultancy and a world leader in sustainable construction, where she become an internationally known expert in life cycle assessment of the environmental impact of building products and worked with manufacturers and trade associations, on large government research contracts, with UNEP and in international standards development.

As a freelance consultant, she co-created and delivered a 'Living Well Within One World' seminar series and was a consultant to a range of businesses and charities including the Good Homes Alliance.

Suzy believes passionately in 'walking her talk' and spends much of her time personally engaged with voluntary environmental action. She organized the West Hampstead Local Food Festival, was a founding member of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s, co-ordinator of Camden Friends of the Earth and co-hosted a series of Conversation Cafes on the subject of Climate Change and personal liberty. She led the creation of Camden Climate Action Network and until 2008, was an Introduction Leader and coach for Landmark Education, a global personal transformation organisation.

She is currently a board member of Friends of the Earth and the Sustainable Development Foundation.

An encounter with a stranger, an old lady named Hope, set Suzy off on an adventure to bring a much higher awareness of consciousness to her activity and this challenge continues to inspire her. Integrating all of ourselves into what we do has become the theme of her mission, and living part time at Embercombe and part time in London is providing the perfect opportunity to practice that. Through her work at Embercombe, she aims to inspire people to take on that challenge for themselves, so that our business lives, or indeed any of our 'public faces', can be as much an expression of our hearts desire as when we are just being 'us'.