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Nigel ToppingNigel Topping

Nigel believes passionately in the possibility of business acting as a force for good in the world and that many business leaders yearn to see themselves as restoring rather than destroying the planet. Nigel is also a mathematician, an (ex) rugby player and an adventurer.

As a mathematician he brings insight from the world of chaos and complexity theory.

As a rugby player, having won two Blues for Cambridge University, he understands what it takes to form a great team and what it feels like to know that colleagues will literally put their heads on the line for each other.

As an adventurer, he has a deep love of wild places , having been on scientific and ski-mountaineering expeditions to Greenland, Iceland and Patagonia, and led mountain-bike trips across the volcanic deserts and icecaps of Iceland.

The intense experiences of being avalanched off a peak in Greenland two weeks away from the nearest settlement, making first ascents in Patagonia and being stuck in blizzards with no food have magnified his love of life and taught him much about how individuals respond in extreme stress.

Professionally, Nigel spent nearly twenty years in the world of manufacturing as consultant, plant manager and member of the MBO team which led the buy-out and acquisition activities to create a successful global component manufacturer in the automotive sector. His hands-on experience in senior operations and supply chain roles includes opening and closing factories, dealing with union-led businesses, strikes, fires, redundancies and refinancing. He has extensive international experience, having lived and worked in Spain, USA and Germany for extended periods and led major investment projects in Brazil and China.

Nigel is now working wherever his experience can support the tectonic shifts now taking place in the business world. He is leading the establishment of new global programmes at the Carbon Disclosure Project, a leading climate-change NGO working with many leading blue chip companies to help them engage with their supply chain. In his spare time he is shaping the business and economics elements of the Transition Towns movement by driving projects such as The Atmos Project, an initiative to bring a large area of industrial land into community ownership to create a lowcarbon business park, and the Totnes Pound, a local currency initiative.