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Mike Jones

There are three recurring themes in Mike’s life; change, the natural world and leadership. On occasions these three themes have converged, and Embercombe is one such occasion. Right now, his particular focus is in helping individuals and organisations respond positively to the increasing tensions we face in the world. Mike works with organisations and leaders in a way that helps them frame their responsibility within a more global context. Having held line management roles himself, he likes to take a pragmatic approach, albeit one which is informed by complexity science and ecology.

Mike’s belief is that we need to create spaces and opportunities for people that help shift their thinking and embolden them to take meaningful action, hence his involvement with Embercombe. By working with participants who bring with them a range of different and diverse perspectives, his belief is that we can journey forward together in a spirit of adventure and collaboration.

Mike's consultancy and facilitation clients include:
Mars Group
VW Audi
Ernst & Young
Triodos Bank
Scottish & Newcastle
Gilead Sciences

Mike has also spent time in the role of School Governor leading the Sustainable School agenda; Town Councillor (Independent) for Stroud Town Council and actively involved with Transition Stroud, part of the wider Transition Town movement (a community response to and preparing for a low-energy/low-carbon future).