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Jonathan SnellJonathan Snell

Jonathan combines highly developed perceptive skills with a profound understanding of human development, and the adventurous spirit of the artist journeyman. Almost all of his work concerns the accompaniment of people who seek to resolve difficulty or deepen understanding, towards realising the capacity to live a powerful and joyful life.

During the weekend when this short paragraph was written Jonathan has worked with a span of people unusual for most in his profession – top industry executives, business entrepreneurs, teenagers, artists, and others less easily defined. He also coaches and mentors many of Embercombe’s own people, and travels to Poland on a bi monthly basis to support our Polish sister organisation, Pathways Poland.

Jonathan’s professional expertise is developed and informed from many diverse sources including various schools of psychology, psychotherapy, the Alexander Technique, and the wisdom schools of different philosophical traditions. He is an accomplished artist, and ceramicist, has many smallholding skills, and as with all of Embercombe’s team, loves the companionship of good friends, stimulating new acquaintances, and true wilderness.