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Johannes MoellerJohannes Moeller

Johannes has a background in Psychology, and has worked with people and organisations in diverse ways since he was a teenager – as a carer and teacher for people with learning difficulties, fundraiser, coach for presentation skills, counsellor for people in emotional distress, chairman of a student society and active member of his Student Union, and facilitator of personal and leadership development programmes. In recent years, he has married this experience with his passion for sustainability, social justice and an entrepreneurial enthusiasm to instigate change initiatives.

His work is motivated by the belief that each individual and organisation has the choice to contribute to a more just, resilient and sustainable future in a unique and powerful way, and that the cumulative effect of these diverse actions creates the potential for large-scale social change.

Johannes focuses on creating and facilitating spaces for personal growth, transformation, leadership development, learning and culture change in the context of current social, environmental and economic challenges. He is Embercombe’s youngest Consultant, and primarily works with students in higher education and graduates, as well as with Universities in the realm of culture change. His work is process-orientated, holistic and systemic.

Johannes’ clients include MBA students from Said Business School in Oxford, The Centre for Leadership Studies at Exeter University, and various student societies working for social and environmental change across the UK.