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Emma BrownEmma Brown

Emma is a specialist executive coach and facilitator in leadership development with particular expertise in communication skills. Twenty-five years experience in theatre, the Alexander Technique and transpersonal psychology, has provided Emma with the means to facilitate powerful and informed development process with a diverse range of clients.

Her interest and skill in organisation learning and development lies in creating the most effective field for challenge, change and growth to happen. Her work requires clients to realise their talents in relation to their purpose and to the needs of their workplace, community and the wider environment. Her latest project is working with Women in Business and Women's Aid to engender self-belief and promote partnerships between the two.

Emma lives in Devon and is the mother of three boys. She has been actively involved in the creation and launch of Embercombe for many years.

Emma's clients include;
Channel 4
Observer Newspaper Group
The National Fire Rescue Service
The South West Regional Development Agency
Peninsular Medical School
TSB Lloyds Bank
SW Trains