West Country Storytelling Festival
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Our Approach

Inspiring Committed Action for a Truly Sustainable World

“A truly sustainable business efficiently utilises resources, whilst taking into account the need for meaning and purpose, and recognising that human activities unfold within larger natural systems.”
Peter Senge

If you get involved with us it will be because you want a partner passionately interested in contributing towards building high performance organisations while standing on the non-negotiable values implicit in seeking “an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on Earth”.

Our approach is comprehensive, systemic, and almost always, experiential. As partners to our clients we are enthusiastic, skilled and experienced.

Our courses and programmes for business and organisations are designed to the brief we receive and the research we undertake.

How do we inspire people and organisations to take committed action for a truly
sustainable world?

By accompanying them on a journey of transformation. The journey is both literal and metaphorical. It is both without and within. It can be many things and in many places – on Dartmoor, in a theatre or in a boardroom, on a ship, or perhaps a day spent together in conversation. It might come in the guise of leadership development, or team building, a culture change process, or one-to-one executive coaching.


"Leaders are those who in whatever capacity embolden others to live their life with courage, hope, and integrity. Such leaders embody qualities that inspire others to their own journey of authenticity and service.”

- Mac (Tim Macartney)

We have extensive experience in developing leaders, and most of all, we have the insight, passion, and skill to inspire leadership that will embolden others to self- leadership and personal accountability. See our open programme for business and organisations "Real Leaders Programme".

We have worked with many hundreds of teams – of all kinds. There is profound satisfaction in assisting a group of individuals to find the alchemy of teamwork, and then express this in performance. When this is also matched with goals, values, and products or services that enhance the lives of customers and the society to which we belong – then we are the partners for you.

One to One coaching has formed a part of most interventions that we have designed and facilitated over the last eight years – but it doesn’t always have to take place while sat in an office. We have discovered that many people derive immense benefit from coming to Embercombe for one or two days at a time for a coaching intensive. The combination of one to one sessions, time spent in reflection and some outdoor physical activity is very powerful. We also have a personal development programme that draws on the Viking myth of ‘Baldur, the bright one’, called “Baldur’s Voyage". This programme takes place onboard Volharding amongst the western isles of Scotland. It is a programme that employs the use of story, song, myth and the compelling mystery of the sea.