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About Embercombe

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Embercombe is a charity and social enterprise established to champion a way of living that celebrates the opportunities inherent in this challenging time and that inspires people to energetically contribute towards the emergence of a socially just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling human presence on earth.

It is our view that humanity now stands at a cross-roads - a defining time in which we will make choices that will greatly influence our collective future, for better or worse. We have become so numerous, so industrious, so ambitious, and so technologically powerful, that we have the capacity to orchestrate the destruction of our species, habitat, and future. We also possess the imagination, the vision, and the intellect to learn from experience, meet our challenges, and build a positive, sustainable future. A radical shift in awareness, values, and behaviour is required to meet this critical transition.

Our mission is to touch hearts, stimulate minds and inspire committed action for a truly sustainable world.

We run inspiring programmes for schools, families, individuals, businesses and organisations. We'll be pleased to tell you more.

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If you'd like to come and volunteer here, from a day to a year - that's also possible.

And we've even produced our own album full of inspirational music. You can listen to it by visiting the music page.

Do sign up at stay in touch and we'll send you emails about forthcoming events, Friends weekends and programmes.



Embercombe - the early years.

Embercombe was founded in 1999 by Tim (Mac) Macartney, thanks to the trust and generosity of David Mann and Robert Mackenzie, two friends and corporate clients of Mac.  Many others have been involved over the years since. Their contribution has been invaluable. Particular thanks and appreciation are due to Azul Thome, Jolyon Hammond, Maria Kolodziejczyk, Joey Waterson and Jenny Elliot.